Web Design Process Work

One of the first steps I took in my Biology/Art Collaboration project was gather information and inspiration for the website.  Dr. Underwood (my faculty mentor and head of the BGSU Herpetarium) gathered content that we wanted to include in the website while I organized everything, including photos for the animals.  I also wrote content that needed to be added to certain pages.

The website design was inspired by multiple sources I had found.  The University of Michigan’s Animal Diversity website was one source because I really liked how they had everything laid out for each species and how much information they included.  I also gathered references for the animal photo gallery I created from websites like the Toledo Zoo’s animal photo gallery and the Columbus Zoo’s animal guide.  Everything else was created by playing around with BGSU’s Content Management Systems (CMS) program (which I had to learn how to use), gathering feedback from the Media and Communications staff and IT, and comparing with other web pages on BGSU’s official website.

I originally started the website by using BGSU blogs, but the functionality and the WordPress templates that were installed were not meeting our standards.  Things got much better after talking with IT, the Media/Communications team, and learning how to use CMS!  Here is a gallery showing how the web pages developed, from initial designs to final designs.

*Note: Not all process work is included, because there would be way too many images that would surely bore a sane person.

Sketches, Sitemap:

BGSU Blogs:

Final Design: click here to see the finished website

Final Header:

Final header that I created for the website. Used my own photos and some photos that Dr. Underwood already had.