Animal & Nature Photography

This gallery includes photos from my nature hikes and zoo explorations. I love portraying my subjects in a way that I believe speaks to their character, and I enjoy researching intriguing discoveries as soon as I get home. I choose to only edit through standard image optimization because I want the subjects to speak for themselves, as best as I can show with a recorded image. Subjects I love: amphibians, reptiles, mushrooms, and anything that lights up with the sun.

Whimsical Photography

I also like to experiment with natural lighting and my subjects’ movements to see different ways pixels can be rendered onto the digital image, which can result in interesting abstractions. I especially love capturing golden light from sunsets in my subjects. What’s most exciting for me is when, in a moment of luck, I collect an image that evokes serenity, nostalgia, or a mysterious hidden world within our own.