Nature Photo Contest!

I’m preparing to submit some of my nature photos into the National Wildlife Photo Contest for 2019. They require that entries be edited only through standard optimization, including adjustments to color, contrast, brightness, cropping, use of HDR (High Dynamic Range), etc. I already do this with my own photography, so I figure I’ll give it a shot! Deadline is March 22nd if you are interested in submitting your own photos!

Going through the entry process for the contest inspired me to create this visualization for my own photography process work; I thought it would be cool to show a sample of what I do when I decide to make my photos look nicer than my general day-to-day photos.

Pictured below, I have the original image on the left and the final result on the right with a few notes about what I changed. All of my photo edits are done in Adobe Photoshop; I have version CS6. Standard editing that I use includes color balance (balancing red, green, yellow, blue hues, etc.), saturation (how intense the colors are), contrast (balancing whites & blacks, lights and shadows), brightness (overall lightness or darkness of an image), clarity (sharpness), and cropping (adjusting composition of the image; Rule of Thirds is a wonderful thing!). It takes some work and a good eye, but I love the results. It’s amazing how much a few edits can impact the final image. ♥

Created using Photoshop.

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