Natural History Illustration: Free Online Class

A few days ago, I discovered a free online course called “Drawing Nature, Science, and Culture: Natural History 101”. It is offered through The University of Newcastle, Australia with an online platform by EdX, which also happens to offer multiple other courses, programs, and degrees online. This course is self-paced, but it also includes an option to receive a verified certificate for completing the course, in which case the course lasts from April 3rd through May 14th. Topics reviewed include:

  1. An overview of natural history illustration and applications
  2. Observational drawing
  3. Field sketching and recording techniques
  4. Structure of flowers and leaves
  5. Structure of mammals and birds
  6. Rendering finished artworks

Needless to say, I am officially signed up for the verified certificate version of the class and am super excited! I started going through the material for Week 1 today and look forward to learning more about natural history illustration while developing my skills. If you are curious about the course and want something to motivate you or to just explore freely, I highly recommend checking it out!

P.S. – I discovered this course through GNSI: The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. They are a non-profit organization focused on promoting visual science communicators and techniques. I follow them on Facebook and enjoy seeing the neat things they share!

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