Past Collaborations

Character Logo & Chibi

Role: Illustrator, Designer

Project Description: The client wanted a logo that featured a caricatured version of himself for his new gaming channel. He planned to use the logo for social media and wanted to print it onto merchandise. I worked with him to determine his target audience, and he wanted the character with “Irate Plays” text in the logo. He loved the comical styles that I presented to him, and we decided the chibi option suited his preferences the best.

The client also wanted an illustration of himself as a chibi character in full body pose. I sketched some ideas, helped the client choose a pose he liked the best, and then completed the line drawing and coloring in Adobe Illustrator. The client used this for his gaming channel “Irate Plays” and in social media.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Visual Design Styles: colorful, illustrated, playful

Illustration Types: cartoon, caricature, branding/logo, character

Interpretive Signage

Role: Illustrator, Designer

This is the brainstorm sketch that I was initially shown.

Project Description: The communications department wanted 12 signs created for 12 different parks that followed a base design structure. The base design needed to work with each park’s unique information and photos. They hadn’t decided how the photos would work in the design, and they wanted 3 sections to describe natural features, flora, and fauna. They also wanted a hand-drawn aesthetic for the sign’s frame, possibly a tree, with room to place general park information along the framing. The completed designs would be printed on 24×36″ signs. I was provided with rough draft text documents of the sign content for each park, most of which needed editing and/or additional information. I was also given a logo banner to use with editable files, and a very simple brainstorm sketch for the sign’s design.

The first thing I did was create a project schedule for us to stick to. I suggested that the frame also incorporate some native species (flowers, animals) to the area, and they loved it! From there, I sketched ideas for the sign design, framing, and species illustrations. I adjusted the logo banner (with client’s permission) so that its size and colors flowed better with the sign. I also developed a system of gathering & editing photos and textual information so that my workflow would be more efficient. I shared this system with the department head so that she could help gather photos and have the naturalists write more information where necessary. I met with the department at scheduled stages of the project to present my progress, gather feedback, and share ideas on how to proceed. I submitted final .pdfs to them in CMYK color format for printing.

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Visual Design Styles: organic & natural, informative, colorful

Illustration Types: cartoon, scientific, infographics

Sticker Designs & Animal Photography

Rankin's Dragon, back scales and colors, basking

Role: Illustrator, Photographer

Biology lecture hall where the learning activities took place.

Project Description: Illustrations were needed to represent different learning activities for a college-level biology education lesson plan. Topics included bacteria vs. antibiotics, biodiversity, evolution, and animal adaptations. Photos of various reptiles & amphibians from the herpetology lab were also used to teach about animal adaptations. Each photo needed to emphasize a specific adaptation of the selected animal and then be optimized for printing at a 1×1 inch size. I used a Canon DSLR camera, the EOS REBEL T5i.

Software: Adobe Photoshop

Visual Design Styles: colorful, playful

Illustration Types: cartoon, character