My Story

Hello! My name is Brianna Moore, and I love to create characters, illustrations, and visual stories. In 2016 I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a B.F.A. in Digital Arts and a Studies in Natural History minor. I’m currently a freelance illustrator in northeast Tennessee and am excited about careers involving character design, illustration, and visual storytelling.

Born and raised in northwest Ohio, I’ve always had an affinity for animals, nature, and stories. As a kid I was very lucky to have free roaming adventures throughout the neighborhood with my siblings, and I loved exploring new places with my family. Each experience fed my hunger to learn about the natural world and my growing imagination for adventures with characters of all kinds, especially dragons and those of a reptilian or amphibian sort. Creating was my passion, be it drawing, crafting, digital painting with the mouse, or little doodles I would animate to life on the corners of my school notes.

Today I enjoy working digitally and traditionally, especially with graphite, pen, ink, and watercolor media. Lately I’ve been developing my original characters and their stories, and I am constantly expanding my digital and traditional artmaking through workshops, books, and online tutorials. I plan to continue learning and growing as a professional artist, and I hope to explore more of the world’s natural wonders as I pursue my career!

My Mission

I tend to say “Have fun!” to people. If I had a catchphrase, I think that would be it. I believe my motivation to say that stems from when my family lost one of my siblings to cancer when we were very young. From that tragedy, I learned at an early age the importance of valuing all that life has to offer, as well as the struggle to keep moving forward when all things seem to go wrong. I have always admired art that makes me laugh and helps me see the positive sides of life, and it is that admiration that motivates me when creating my own characters, illustrations, and stories. I create art because it is healing, and I hope that my viewers may benefit and feel more uplifted as well.

Despite the challenges that life throws at us, I encourage others to find their strength to appreciate the beauty and entertainment that life gives us, and to celebrate those we hold dear to our hearts. I like to think of my artwork as a way to share something good with others, and if I am able to brighten someone’s day or encourage them to explore the world a little more, I feel like I’ve done something right.