3/12 Final Day in PR


Today was such a bittersweet day.  After breakfast, we traded our cards with each other.  I ended up basing mine on the different species of lizards that we found.  It was so cool seeing everyone’s unique styles together on the table and all the memories that they brought back to us.  Then we packed up our tents, and all too soon, we were at the airport ready to fly home.

I loved every minute of the Island Life program, and I am amazed by how much we were able to get done each day.  I loved the art-making, the exploring and learning, the group discussions, the art demos and critiques, the culture, and getting to meet some wonderful people and new friends.  It reignited my passion for art-making, and I think I’ve decided on more of a direction for my art: nature and species (maybe geckos and frogs specifically 😉 )  Being a part of this experience also reminded me how much I love and miss biology, and now I really want to finish working toward my biology minor (at least).  I feel that it would make my passion for biology more credible, and I truly believe it will help me figure out how to combine my passions for art and science.  When I get back home, I definitely want to get back to working on the website for the herpetology lab.  To help get it up and running nicely, that is my goal before I graduate.  Being around all the geckos and anoles in Puerto Rico also helped return my curiosity for the herp lab’s reptiles and amphibians that I have nearby every day, so I also want to be more involved at the lab in whatever way I can.

I had such a great time in Puerto Rico, and I’m so glad and thankful for the experience.  It truly helped me out when I needed it most.  I think I speak for each member of the group when I say: I wish I didn’t have to go!