2019 Art Journal

One of my resolutions for 2019 is to integrate a better routine for artmaking in my life. I was inspired by a book I had picked up a year or two ago and had been wanting to try out. It is called No Excuses Art Journaling by Gina Rossi Armfield. Basically the book requires you to set up a planner/art journal in which you can complete daily, weekly, and monthly activities in whatever style you choose. The author provides preset challenges and plenty of inspiration sources, making it even easier to get into a routine that I can be excited about for each day of the year.

Instead of purchasing a new planner, I took it a step further and created my own journal from recycled materials from around the house. For this, I was inspired by an article called “Simple Bound Journal with Recycled Materials” by maudlin on Instructables. It is a fantastic, easy to follow tutorial that depicts the process with photos. The photos below show how my journal turned out, and I listed what tools and materials I used to create it.

  • Tools: ruler, scissors, masking tape, duct tape, washi tape, exacto knife, scoring tool (I used a metal mechanical pencil), glue stick, cutting board (a large, cardboard cereal box worked perfectly)
  • Recycled materials: lots of recycled computer paper, some cardstock paper, lined notebook paper, graph paper, old pamphlets, suede string (any string would work), fabric, cereal boxes, empty greeting card envelopes, scrapbook paper, old gift card

This took me about 12 hours to complete. I focused my methods for completion, gathered materials and tools, made calculations and determined patterns for months, researched techniques, and prepped the pages for binding. Overall I had a lot of fun customizing my journal for artmaking and am excited to get started with the art exercises. I even learned how to put a book together and tie a fisherman’s knot by really making this book my own. Here’s to a better year for creativity and productivity!

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