Desert Life Art

Here are the collections of art that I made during my time with the Desert Life program in July 2016.  This first gallery has the sketches, warm-up activities, and watercolor tests/practices that I did while I was in New Mexico and Texas, as well as the cyanotype prints and “resinations” that I talked about in my blog entries.  Materials used include graphite pencil, ink pens, India ink, watercolor paints/crayons/pencils, and charcoal.  Cyanotype prints were made using cyanotype paper, found objects, sunlight, and water.  Resinations were made with found objects, magnifying bug boxes, Petri dishes, and Lisa Pavelka Magic Glos.

These are the bioart installations that I talked about in my blog entries.  We used found materials to create a sculpture within a natural location without being destructive to the environment.  Installations were made in groups or on our own in Oliver Lee State Park and Valley of Fires.

Last but not least, here are the illustrations that I made for my set of trading cards.  We were to make 6 cards throughout the week that were based on some sort of theme from our adventures in the desert.  I chose lizards as my theme, and I made them using ink pens, watercolor pencils, and watercolor paints. 😀