Hello! My name is Brianna Moore, and I create illustrations, designs, and digital images using Photoshop and Illustrator. I also enjoy working with traditional pen, ink, and watercolor when I explore the natural world or decide to step away from the computer.  Born and raised in Northwest Ohio, I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a B.F.A. in Digital Arts and a Studies in Natural History minor. Journeying to Puerto Rico, Texas, and New Mexico through the ART+BIO Collaborative program was the turning point for my artistic career goals, though I will always geek out about animations, comics, and video games.

My dream is to contribute to wildlife conservation and natural history through my artwork, and I am excited about careers involving illustration, design, and visual development. I also offer freelance services to create unique visuals that help people communicate their ideas and connect with others. I am especially excited about projects involving animals and science education; one of my favorite commissioned projects was illustrating and designing a series of interpretive signage for a park district.

Currently I am teaching myself more about watercolors and practicing my digital artmaking through workshops, books, and online tutorials to keep my skills sharp and improve my portfolio. I plan to continue learning and growing as a professional artist, and I hope to explore more of the world’s natural wonders as I pursue my career. Feel free to read about my trips, process work, and other interests in my blog!