7/29 Desert Peak National Monument


Final Day

Got up around 6:30am so I could finish my trading cards and pack up all my things in time.  Breakfast was simple, just some cereal and yogurt.  Pretty soon we were all set to go, and we drove to the Organ Mountains for our final stop at Desert Peak National Monument before driving to the airport.  We wrote our testimonials/reflections, and then we traded our cards that we had been working on all week.  I also gave out my “bonus cards”, the cards I had made through my CURS project this past summer (you can see these in my gallery if you are curious).  Figured this was the perfect opportunity to share what I had done this summer, and I wanted to give Saul and Stephanie some cards because it was them and their program that inspired me in the first place.  I was really happy that everybody liked them, and hopefully they remember me. ^_^ Then we took some final group pictures and made our way to the airport where we said our final goodbyes before going our separate ways.

Once again, the ART+BIO Collaborative program left me feeling inspired to make more art, learn more about the world around me, and ready to pursue more adventures that combine art and biology.  Overall, I’m so glad I was able to be a part of this experience, and while it was similar to the Island Life program, it was still different and unique in so many  ways (the wildlife, the terrain and weather, the unique locations, the camping, the sources of inspiration, the new friends).  I really believe this program has turned me towards a direction that I enjoy and want to learn more about: helping to promote natural history and wildlife conservation through my art.  The Island Life program helped me realize that possible direction, and the Desert Life program has reinforced my decision to pursue my Studies in Natural History minor.  Here’s to my last semester at BGSU and to finally graduating in December 2016! 🙂

Notes, Observations of life and habitat

  • Desrt Peak National Monument – made into a national, protected monument by Obama in 2014

Animal species

  • can find 3 types of rattlesnakes in the area:
    • Diamondback
    • Blacktail
    • Prairie
  • found some bats sleeping underneath the roof of the outhouse

Plant species

  • Juniperus deppeana – Alligator bark tree; has bark that looks like alligator skin